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Wanna Banana

Wanna Banana opens its first store on Kite Beach
The Ice, Boost and Bite - 3 unique products made from 100% banana
No added sugar, no dairy and bursting with flavor and goodness

Wanna Banana opened its first store on Dubai’s Kite beach this month. The concept is the brainchild of Dubai based entrepreneur, Ingrid Montoisy, who worked with specialist teams from around the world to create this unique frozen snack.

Re-imagining how you see bananas, Wanna Banana, has three main product lines – the ice, the boost and the bite. The ice is a frozen, creamy banana based snack with a taste that beats any ice product on the market from both flavor and health perspectives. The boost combines all natural and great tasting products with bananas to create a refreshing and energizing drink. The bites are easy-to-eat chunks of frozen bananas that can be customized with any of the toppings on offer.

Each of the products come in unique flavors like mango and chia, cinnamon and honey, pomegranate, berries and more. The products can be made even more indulgent with either Belgian chocolate sauce or pure date syrup, and topped with - flax seed, chia seeds, almonds and many more wholesome options.

The Wanna Banana brand offers a unique take on the traditional banana. Even for those who are not big fans of the regular fruit, the products have been carefully constructed to ensure the union of flavors offers and an individual taste experience. During the creation of the concept, the Wanna Banana team consulted with food design technologist, Dr Irwin Adam and his team, to formulate the perfect recipe and customer taste experience for the brand. Working hard to master the textures, flavors and health aspects of the brand, He and his team of engineers and food technologists created each of the product offering including a completely new ‘x-factor’ item called the flavor disc – a disc shaped component that can be added to the ‘Ice’ product that not only preserves the cold temperature, but also add a burst of flavor to the frozen treat.

Idea Couture’s, Nassim Ghrayeb & team that helped with the actualization of the concept and experience creation, were looking to design a customer journey to revolutionize the way people see bananas and enjoy frozen treats. Working to design a multi-faceted approach and brand experience that ensured consumers take the journey of rediscovering the simple fruit of banana, while enjoying the thrilling process of self-construction in the varying product and customization options.

Ideal for kids, those who suffer from lactose intolerance or those who want a healthy treat without compromising on taste, Wanna Banana is the perfect frozen snack for anyone at anytime. With its banana base, not only does it give you a delicious taste but is a filling and healthier alternative when spending a day on Dubai’s famous Kite Beach

Wanna Banana is a vibrant and healthy anytime snack, that blends wholesome goodness with indulgent pleasure.

Facebook: Instagram: @wannabananasnack Twitter: @wannabananasnk For further information, please contact: Marianne Silloriquez / Wanna Banana / Tel: +971 4 265 0027/ Fax: +971 4 265 0227/ OR… Zahirah Variawa / PR Partner, Think Liquorice/ / +971 52 849 6040

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