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Top 5 must-read Dubai blogs

This list features some of the best blogs in Dubai that are a must-read for every resident.

With the colossal increase in the number of blogs online, picking out which ones to follow is an often unaddressed issue. While there is ample choice to pick from in the blogging realm, finding a blog that you can relate to requires looking close to home. To help find the right blog for your inspirational, culinary or beauty needs, we bring to you a list of top 5 local blogs.

Weesha’s World : are you an aspiring fashion writer or stylist? Take a page from this inspirational Dubai-based plus-size fashion blog, Weesha’s World. The blog was founded by Dubai-based social media and fashion enthusiast, Luanne D’souza, after she discovered her flair for styling. The self-acceptance blog traces her struggle with her own body image, includes great advice for women and ample looks for inspiration.

Pear Tree Diaries : this blog is the perfect choice for food lovers who are constantly looking for new places to try out. Founded by Jasmine Pereira, an environmentalist by profession, Pear Tree Diaries is the result of her passion for all things culinary. The blog provides reviews different restaurants and cafes in Dubai and the UAE as well as her own tantalising recipes.

Art Dubai : whether you are and artist looking for inspiration or find the art scene intriguing, this blog has something of interest for all art enthusiasts. From interviews with local artists to enlightening the art scenes worldwide, Art Dubai is the hub of all information there is to know about contemporary art, especially in the Middle East. So if you are an aspiring artist entering the local art community, be sure to check out Art Dubai!

Desperate in Dubai : this blog speaks directly to all aspiring novelists and writers out there. Desperate in Dubai started off as a blog by then aspiring novelist, Ameera Al Hakawati, before it got published in 2011. The blog comprises chapters from the novel, as well as her experience of having become a published writer. It is a delightfully engaging read and, coming from a local author, is definitely something all local aspiring writers must read.

Dubai In A Frame : as the title suggests, this blog captures the happenings around Dubai. Whether it’s art events, festivals, fashion or food, Dubai In A Frame encompasses a spectrum of scenes within the city. Founded by citizen journalist Shweta Dembla, this online video journal is your guide to what’s hot and happening in whichever field of interest you decide to plunge into.

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