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Saygin Yalcin

1. Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born on April 25th 1984 in Bremen, Germany, hence I am German citizen with Turkish descent. Currently, I am the Founder & CEO of the Middle East's first online car buying service, I had founded the first online private shopping club in the Middle East, and partnered with Jabbar Internet Group, the holding company that emerged through the sale of the world’s largest Arab online community to Yahoo! in September 2009. I am also a partner at Group, the largest ecommerce company in the Arab world owning companies, such as, and QExpress., (which was also founded under Jabbar Internet Group) and are the three biggest locally based e-commerce sites in the Middle East.

Also, I am an Advisory Board Member and Academic Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Ecommerce at the Canadian University of Dubai.

2. As a child what attracted you towards cars?

All kids love cars especially boys, specifically because it gives an adrenaline rush but when you are referring to and the reason for its establishment, that was for different intentions. The X factor was rather the fact that the experience of selling a used car in this region was not as efficient as it could potentially be, people who intended to sell their cars due to their complications regarding reliability, fair price, hassle-free transaction etc. found it nearly impossible to locate services according to their conveniences. My main motive is to provide services which offered solution to their problems at their comfort.

3. Tell us about your academic background. How has it inspired your interest in online business?

I hold an international master’s degree in business administration and economics, studied at top business schools in Germany (WHU), the USA (USC) and Mexico (ITAM).

This made me fluent in German, English, Spanish and Turkish. When I was studying, internet business wasn’t really common. The way it’s evolved in a short space of time is incredible. Social media in particular has grown massively, and continues to grow all the time. This is having a big impact on the way things work here, and it’s helping the region catch up with the rest of the world.

4. How did the idea of SellAnyCar come about? When was it launched?

Initially, it started with me trying to sell my own car. It took me six weeks to sell my car, and 19 appointments with strangers, I had to take time off work every time, and people wouldn’t even show up for appointments. What really triggered it was when I figured out how much time I had wasted, and I calculated that if I had just sold within half an hour, it would have saved me time, risk and paperwork. Selling your car must be quick, convenient and fair. These 3 criteria should be met for anyone intending to sell his/her car. With this in mind, we have launched in September 2013 and we are able to excel in all these 3 categories. We offer you a free online valuation for your car, a free car inspection in one of our nationwide branches, and a guarantee to buy your car within 30 minutes at a fair price and take care of all the paperwork.

5. How has the business been received?

We’re helping people to think about selling cars in a different way, and they believe in us. Customers finally have somebody they can trust to give them a fair valuation and an easy service, and we’re already the number one car dealer with the most appointments in the Middle East.

6. What is unique about SellAnyCar which makes it stand apart?

When you want to sell your car, private sales are an option. But this usually comes with significant costs, and a return cannot be guaranteed, regardless of whether you advertise your car via print advertisement or through an online marketplace. It usually takes several appointments with a lot of time-wasters until you might actually sell your car.

Another option might be selling your car to a dealership. If you choose to give your car to a dealer to advertise it for you in his showroom, you might be without a car for several weeks and still have no guarantee of a sale.

Hence, if you want to sell your car hassle-free, while achieving a fair price, is the perfect solution. We guarantee to buy your car after a free online car valuation and a free car inspection. It is quick, easy, fair and everywhere.

7. Tell us the awards and accolades that it has already received?

Arabian Business magazine awarded as the "Digital Business of the Year" in its 2014 Startup Awards.

Entrepreneur magazine Middle East awarded as the "Fastest Growing Company in the Middle East in 2014 Entrepreneurship Agility Awards.

Fortune magazine Turkey awarded me a place in the 40 under 40 lists. This list consists of the most influential young entrepreneurs below the age of 40 in Turkey. With, I made it to this list as one of the most influential businesses.

8. Tell us about your new home in Burj Khalifa and what made you decide to have that luxurious home?

I love living in Dubai because I consider Dubai and UAE itself to be a very successful Start-Up. UAE is one of the youngest and fastest developing nations in the world that is learning from the successes of other nations and avoiding mistakes from the same. This resembles the modus operandi of a successful young company. The construction of Burj khalifa was one of the most genius acts Dubai has done. Not only that is the most prestigious and tallest tower in the world, it is also an icon of smart leadership. While being the tallest tower in the world it is only the fifth most expensive building before considering the worldwide PR and tourism income it has and it is still generating for the country. It is not only an iconic building from an architectural point of view, it is also an icon for a successful startup with brilliant leadership.

9. What are your plans for the future? is already one of the biggest and most intelligent car groups in the MENA region. We are committed to change the experience of selling used cars and are intending to expand our services into the rest of the Arab world. We are filling up the GCC, starting with Qatar and Kuwait, and then we are going into other promising and lucrative markets in the Middle East. We will at some point stop growing geographically because there are certain Middle Eastern countries that are not ready yet, due to political reasons.


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