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Dubai, 7th July 2015– The Gift Concierge is launched today in the UAE. The bespoke service is the only one of its kind in the region specializing in elevating gifting and celebratory experiences. Through their seasoned personal gift shoppers they suggest concepts and source items from both local and international brands, including private collections and limited edition art pieces and memorabilia that can only be obtained through their exclusive partners in Paris and London.

To fulfil the need of the fast-paced lifestyles of those unwilling to compromise on quality, style and exclusivity, The Gift Concierge provides the highest level of personalization down to the most intimate detail. All that is required to start the experience is either a direct call or for the client to provide their name and number (on the online form, which can be found at along) with a suitable time for The Gift Concierge expert to call them and discuss their specific requirement, be that a gift or an overall experience.

In terms of experiences, the new service offers a wide range of options such as dinners and lunches with celebrity chefs, picnics, as well as luxury escapes, all with the aim of making celebrations and special occasions truly tailored and special.

An additional exclusive service is The Gift Concierge Wedding Registry; the only Wedding Registry in the UAE that gives clients access to multiple luxury brands, outlets and experiences under one roof.

Christianna Tsiterou, Founder of The Gift Concierge, says, “The Gift Concierge is a bespoke, luxury, personal shopping service for clients who can afford the finer things in life but either don’t have the time and contacts to source them or just want that additional “touch” that makes the overall gifting experience truly special for everyone involved. It is a delight - and a privilege- to contribute and share in people’s special moments and joyous, celebratory occasions.”

The Gift Concierge gift service packages range from 3400 to 8000 dirhams, depending on the gift value. ‘Printemps à Paris’, the premium service, delivers one of a kind gifts sourced directly from the French and British capitals. All other services are tailored and priced to the occasion.

About The Gift Concierge

The Gift Concierge is the first specialized personal gift shopper service in the GCC for the most thought out, luxury gifts, for loved ones and special occasions. Our service offers bespoke solutions for celebratory moments, a wedding registry and private events.

The company’s experienced team works with the client in order to determine what is the best item or experience for the occasion. They then source items from both local and international brands, including private collections and limited edition art pieces and memorabilia that can only be obtained through their exclusive partners in Paris and London.

Every gift is elegantly packaged and delivered by The Gift Concierge porter to the client or the end recipient.

The service also caters to select corporate gifting and events. To know more about The Gift Concierge visit

The Gift Concierge Mission

“To make our clients’ celebrations and gifting moments a unique, exclusive, and memorable experience!”
The Gift Concierge mission is to provide the highest level of personalization to those unwilling to compromise on quality, style and exclusivity and have the means to afford this added touch of luxury.

How does it work

Simple: anyone who wishes to request our services can either call us directly or go online to provide their name, contact, a suitable time for a call back, and we will call them back to obtain the required information on the service they desire.

After the first consultation, we will provide suggestions of gifts or experiences we believe will be the perfect fit. The client chooses their preferred option and pays for the service and item in advance. We will then source it and deliver it, using one of our fully uniformed porters, to either the client or the recipient.

In principle, The Gift Concierge does not do last minute requests, as it is a high-end and bespoke service that focuses on quality and elegance. The Gift Concierge usually needs three days to ensure perfection and that special touch (for items sourced locally) and five to seven days for items sourced from Paris and London.

Service Suite

As a true, dedicated concierge service, The Gift Concierge does not limit anyone’s desires. Whether someone wants a pair of designer shoes, a diamond necklace, an exclusive piece of art, a luxury getaway, a private event designed especially for their home and taste, or an adventurous experience, the company can cater to all.


Having a description of the receiver, the occasion and a budget, The Gift Concierge personal shoppers ensure the selection of the most suitable items for the individual and the moment. The company works with local and international brands and is also able to source private collections and limited edition art pieces and memorabilia obtained through our exclusive partners in Paris and London. Because details are hand in hand with quality, all gifts are elegantly packaged and porter-delivered to the client or the recipient.


The Gift Concierge provides a personalized service, which also applies to private events. Our team can go to the client’s house (or other venue of choice), transform the space and create the most memorable event ever. These include (but are not limited to):

1- Wedding Proposals
2- Valentine’s Dinners
3- Iftaars
4- Picnics
5- Anniversaries
6- Birthdays
7- Bridal and Baby Showers
8- Bespoke dinners and lunches with private chefs
9- Dine Around Dubai, the ultimate private five star dining experience
10- Private Cooking Events

Wedding Registry:

The Gift Concierge offers the only Wedding Registry service in the UAE that gives clients access to multiple luxury brands, outlets and experiences using one single list. Couples don’t need to be limited to choosing only one shop or managing multiple lists. Each registry is custom made to the bride and groom’s desires and the items are then delivered to their home by our porters.

The Gift Concierge Packages

Automne - 3400 AED for gifts from 5000 AED to 15000 AED. Valid for 1 gift.
Hiver – 5200 AED for gifts that value more than 15000 AED. Valid up to 2 gifts.
Printemps a Paris – 8000 AED for exclusive gifts sourced from Paris, France.

The Gift Concierge Founder

Christianna Tsiterou, Founder and Creative Director of The Gift Concierge, is a serial entrepreneur of Greek roots and deep understanding of the GCC region, having spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia and the last 11 years in the UAE.
The Gift Concierge was created when she realized that there was no one company in the UAE one could turn to for the extra touch to special occasions, gifts and surprises.
Christianna is also Co-Founder and Managing Partner of INNOVERTO, a corporate training and event management company, also based in the UAE, with an extensive portfolio of international (exclusive) certifications and high profile events throughout the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.
Her vast experience spans over 19 years and includes the development, management and oversight of international brands, as well as corporate and private events across the world, from the Middle East to Asia, Europe and the USA.
She holds a BA in Marketing and Business Administration and a Diploma in Teaching from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, USA. She is also a US - Certified Life-Coach and mentor (CTI).
Christianna has a very extensive and active Corporate Social Responsibility background in both the Middle East and Europe. It is this passion that got her selected as the UAE Chapter Lead for Educate Girls Globally (EGG), a non profit organization dedicated to ensuring education for underprivileged girls in developing countries, where she overseas the chapter’s activities, drives awareness, fund-raising and volunteers. She is also an active supporter of the “Growing Leaders Foundation” and numerous animal rights groups.

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