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With theColour Collection
Guerlain sees fragrance in colour

Like prolonged echoes mingling in the distance In a deep and tenebrous unity, Vast as the dark of night and as the light of day, Perfumes, sounds, and colours correspond.
Charles Baudelaire, “Correspondences”

Notes, accords, harmonies... In the interplay of correspondences celebrated by Baudelaire, perfume most readily echoes music. But is it possible to see a scent? Smell in colour? With the Colour Collection, Guerlain rises to this playful sensory challenge. Which comes as no surprise, given that the House was able to interpret L’Heure Bleue – that moment at dusk when the day gives way to night – in fragrance form.

Unprecedented in perfumery, the idea for this precious limited edition was inspired by a phenomenon that remains a mystery: synaesthesia. A spontaneous association of the senses experienced by many artists, musicians and authors. Including Vassily Kandinsky and Duke Ellington, who saw music in colour, and Vladimir Nabokov who, as in Rimbaud’s “Vowels” (A black, E white, I red, etc.), perceived the shade and texture of letters...


one of Guerlain’s most iconic creations has been reinvented for the occasion. Designed by Baccarat in 1908 for Jacques Guerlain’s rue de la Paix, the Quadrilobe bottle has accompanied the perfume House’s history for over a century, holding Jicky, liu, shalimar, etc. over the years. now crafted by the famous Brosse Glassworks, it harbours the private collections and tailor-made fragrances, along with spectacular exceptional pieces made of crystal.

With the colour collection, this legendary creation is available for the fi rst time in a range of fi ve subtly gradated colours of precious stones. offering the ultimate touch of refi nement, the neck of the bottle is adorned with a matching silk thread, meticulously hand-tied and combed according to the barbichage technique, traditional know-how kept alive by Guerlain’s incomparable Dames de Table. This jewel bottle nestles in an amethyst case decorated with a sun, Guerlain’s historic emblem.

in the colour collection, sumptuous gem tones express the quintessence of five fragrances, chosen from Guerlain’s exclusives collection. sapphire for l’Heure de nuit. ruby for oriental Brûlant. emerald for santal royal. amber for spiritueuse Double Vanille. amethyst for l’eau de Parfum du 68. real jewels that appeal to the eye and nose alike!


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