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Sunkissed Summer 2017 Make-Up Collection Inspiration

A summer in the tropics

Under the blazing sun, luminous and flamboyant colours merge together, creating vibrant make-up and sublime beauty.
Botanical motifs imprinted on a bright, sunny orange to beautifully warm the face.
This summer, discover new horizons. Go for simple, tailor-made make-up... either light or sophisticated. You choose! Light up the complexion, play with colour and reveal your beauty.
Go tropical!

Bronzing and Blush Compact
The sun in a compact, with skin care benefits

To warm the complexion, this powder comes in a harmony of three matte shades and an iridescent coral blush shade. Arranged in the form of a setting sun, they ensure ultra-easy, tailor-made application. Pure sun, in a brushstroke!

Light-Optimizing+ complex
Soft focus pigments combined with pearls, visibly minimize wrinkles and imperfections through an optical effect, giving a luminous, radiant complexion.


By forming a film on the skin surface, it limits evaporation of moisture and helps protect skin from dehydration.

It acts on one of the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms, NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), to encourage optimal and continuous moisturization. The skin stays supple and comfortable.

Clarins anti-pollution complex
Extracts of white tea and nipplewort help to defend the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and free radicals which are both responsible for premature ageing and loss of radiance.

Herbarium Sunkissed

White tea
Camellia sinensis
White tea is a rare, highly prized plant grown in China in the Fujian mountains. Drinking it was once considered a route to immortality and it gets its name from the silvery-white leaf buds which are picked from the plant during the first days of spring. Unlike other teas, white tea does not undergo any fermentation, it is just withered and dried. This simple procedure preserves all the qualities of the leaf and explains why it is so high in anti-free radical polyphenols. In Cosmetics, white tea extract helps fight the hamrful effect of free radicals.

Lapsana communis
Nipplewort is a widespread annual plant which flowers from June to September and prefers semi-shade conditions. It is an easy-growing plant and can even be found on the edge of motorways. It has long been used to cure scabies and soothe breast irritation caused by breast-feeding, hence its name. In cosmetics, nipplewort extract, which has anti-free radical properties, helps stimulate has anti-free radical properties, helps stimulate

Cassie flower
Acacia farnesiana
Found just about everywhere in the world, cassie is a shrub-like tree whose bright yellow ‘pom-pom’ flowers give off the intense fragrance of mimosa.An essential oil and absolute are extracted from the flowers which are highly prized in the luxury perfumery field. In cosmetics, the wax extracted from the flowers is used for its protective, filmogenic and smoothing properties.

Copernicia cerifera
Copernicia cerifera, or carnauba, is a palm from Northeast Brazil. The young leaves of this palm are protected from evaporation by a wax called carnauba, which is removed from the leaves and used to harden candles, polish, pencils and pastels and to shine leather. The younger the leaf, the higher quality the wax. Carnauba wax is a thickener and is used in cosmetics for its filmogenic properties.

Bitter orange tree
Citrus aurantium var. amara
The bitter orange tree is a pretty shrub originally from South-East Asia and brought to the West in the 11th century by the Arabs. Today it grows in hot climates around the world. The bitter orange tree produces essential oils and waters that are well-known in phytotherapy, perfumery and cosmetics. Petitgrain essential oil extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree is traditionally known for its calming and purifying properties, while the gentle, soothing floral water is used on the delicate skin of the eyes. It is also from the blossom of the bitter orange tree that the wax is obtained, which has protective and filmogenic properties.

Wild mango
Irvingia gabonensis
The wild mango is found throughout the forests of Central and West Africa. It is a tall tree with dense foliage which provides useful shade for local cultivations of cocoa and coffee trees. Its sweet and juicy fruit contains a seed with a pleasant flavour. Pressing the seed produces an oil which becomes solid at room temperature and is hence known as butter. Traditionally, wild mango butter is used on the lips and skin to soften and provide comfort.

Butyrospermum parkii
The shea tree grows on the savannahs of Africa where it is considered a sacred tree. By tradition, women are the sole “guardians” of this magic tree which must not be cut down or damaged, and it is the women who gather the shea nuts which are then transformed into shea butter and oil. Traditionally, shea butter and oil, which are rich in fatty acids, help to nourish and protect the skin. In cosmetics, the unsaponifiable concentrate, the precious part of a plant oil, helps to soothe and protect the skin.


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